Sam is a writer and performer based in Brooklyn. She's Canadian, but don't let that stop you. 

Raised on a steady diet of Scrabble, Monty Python, Shakespeare and SCTV, Sam grew up with an especial love of wit and words (and reaped the social consequences for it until college, once everybody stopped caring and she was allowed to start). 

Now, with a BFA under one arm and some hair under both, Sam writes plays, sketches and ceremonies for the stage and screen. Her work attempts to deepen our human experience of infinity through nonsense, wordplay and a dreamlike performance architecture. Her plays have been presented in New York by Fresh Ground Pepper, Gradual Rumblings, PLAYxPLAY and #serials@theflea. 

As a performer, Sam acts with some of New York's foremost indie theater companies (Theater Reconstruction Ensemble, Built for Collapse, Target Margin Theater, Tugboat Collective) at the city's most celebrated downtown venues (HERE, The New Ohio, Ars Nova, Theater for the New City). As a comedian, Sam has co-hosted the popular Subreddit Live, a monthly comedy show in Williamsburg. She can be seen doing standup and terrible characters in various backyards and bars. 

Sam is the Managing and Arts Editor of Brokelyn, a Brooklyn-based blog for cool stuff happening in the borough. She's written for Reductress and Bushwick Daily. She's also a multi-time champion of the Punderdome 3000, a monthly pun competition in Gowanus where she competes as Homestar Punner. 

Someone once called Sam "a force of whimsy." That sounds about right.



  • "A terrific writer... brings quirky and original subject matter to the page with brio and writerly panache...original, fresh and humorous in a contemporary way that's hip without being *too* hip" - Barbara Kay, The National Post  
  • "Sam is a unique, multi-faceted talent ... a stand-out ability to connect with and engage her audience." - Fred Firestone, Punderdome
  • "Hats off.... we're hugely jealous of Ms. Corbin's talents." Daniel Ross, ClassicFM
  • "So cool." - Barry Corbin, father


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